The Bucklebury Events Committee was formed in 2011 in response to the Bucklebury Parish "Refresh" questionaire. This dealt with a general updating of the Parish Plan 2006-2016,

The Parish Plan, drawn up by the Bucklebury Parish Council in 2006, deals with the overall vision for the future of the Parish with particular reference to Planning and recreation facilities. The "Refresh" survey took place in autumn 2010 and following two meetings of Parishioners in November the results were published in a leaflet entitled "Bucklebury Parish Plan Refresh 2011" in August 2011.

Under the section headed "A Stronger Community" one of the Actions endorsed was to "Form a new activities and events committee to set up and plan events for the whole [parish". This was inaugurated in 2011 with a committee made up of volunteers from the Parish. This is independent of the Bucklebury Parish Council.

The Committee's first major activities were the organisation of the Royal Wedding event in the Farm Park in 2011 and in 2012, the Lunch in the Park to celebrate Her Majesty's 60 yr Jubilee..

A number of other activities are planned fro 2012 and 2013 nad most of these are advertised in the "The Oaks" and in the Church Parish Magazine. Both of these publications go to every house in the Parish.

. Future events will be posted here. Please note this is wiki site and individuals and committees can post event details here simply by signing in. If such events are not sponsored by the Events Committee itself those posting such details are requested clearly to state that position.