A line of trees on either side of the recreation field? - some of the existing trees at the end look to be struggling.
Update: The 4 trees at the end of the rec.field are thought to have died from honeyfungus or Chestnut disease. No trees can be planted there for awhile.
Update: Oak trees have been planted. Horse Chestnuts across the country are being hit by a bacterium from the Himalayas for which there is currently no known treatment.

A small anti-theft light on the Victory Room? - might help to relieve the continual victimisation of the phone box.
Update: the phone box has been removed. thanks for comment.
Further update: a new box has been put in - but with no internal light. Apparently this is deliberate. The catch with an anti-theft light is si goes on and off whenever some goes in and out of the adjacent car park - and this is disturbing for immediate neighbours. It also would have the "advantage" of assisting the vandals because there is no live person monitoring whether it is on or off !

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Improved clearance of River Pang banks to avoid breaches.
Improved defences

THE ROYAL WEDDING: Friday April 29th 2011

See details under Parish Diary