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Name: Jennifer Burgess (Jennifer Whatley)
City:Peth, Western Australia, 6057
Jennifer Burgess (Jennifer Whatley)
Sent: Mon May 17 2010 22:20

Hi I lived in Bucklebury Village in 1985 until 2001. My grandparents Geoff & Hazel Whatley have lived in the village since abt 1950. Geoff passed away in 2002 but Hazel still lives in the village. My grandfather was the owner of the foundry from 1946 until it closed in 1986.

I emigrated to Perth, Australia in 2006.

Name: Nancy Ragsdale Murphy
Homepage: http://1803 Atlantis Place
City: Tallahassee, Florida 32303
Sent: Thu December 22 2005 18:16

Searching for information on the Wisdom family in Bucklebury.

Name: Mark Wilkins
City: Bountiful, UT USA
Sent: Thu September 08 2005 22:11

Hi, I'm looking for information on Martin Wilkins who was supposedly burried in Bucklebury in 1821. I visited the church there a few years ago, but did not find anything in the cemetary. Can you help? His wife was an Ann Hinwood. I assume she died there as well. Thanks Mark Wilkins

Name: nwamugu
City: lome
Sent: Wed September 07 2005 04:23

goos site keep it up good work

Name: John and Carolyn Johnson
City: White Bear Lake, Minnesota, USA
Sent: Sun September 04 2005 22:34

We think Carolyn's ancestor, John Townsend, was born in Bucklebury. His date of birth 9 April 1656. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Pococke April 1694 at Oare. We were interested to learn more about Bucklebury. At home, we attend St. John in the Wilderness Church, White Bear Lake, Minnesota which has a nice web site. Our church was built in 1861 with the help of a young English couple, John and Laura Aubrey. This history is on the web site www.stjohnwilderness.org

Name: Adele Austin
City: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sent: Mon June 13 2005 19:08

Am researching Wilkins, Portlock, Rixon families all from Bucklebury area. Anyone want to communicate? Marrying into the ancestors are Taylors, Chamberlain, Allum, Wigmore, Werrell, etc. Many of the Wilkins family left for America between 1852 and 1869 but some stayed behind. Thank you for the website!

Name: Steven Herridge
Homepage: http://www.yahoo.com
City: San Antonio ,Texas
Sent: Mon May 30 2005 01:53

I am looking for any information avialable on Herridge's who left for the americas before 1700. Regards Steve herridge

Name: Peter Johnson
City: Lowestoft
Sent: Tue January 18 2005 17:08

I am looking for information on my distant relations who cam from Bucklebury. Leah Lake, Born 1877 ,Thomas Lake born 1847. Is it possible to get any information from the parish records.??

Name: Margaret Stephenson
City: Preston, Lancashire
Sent: Sat December 04 2004 11:37

I was interested in your web site as my great grandfather's family came from Bucklebury. In 1861 he was 3 years old. (Alfred George Ford) He lived with his sister Mary Jane and his parents, Jonathan and Lucy Ford in Lower Common. It must have been an interesting place in the 1800's. Regards Margaret

Name: Margaret Stephenson
City: Preston, Lancashire
Sent: Wed October 20 2004 16:36

Hello, and greetings to you. I am trying to find links to my great grandfather Alfred George Ford, who was born in Bucklebury in c1857. I think his parents were Jonathan and Lucy Ford who lived at 7 Lower Common in 1861. He had a sister called Mary Jane Ford.I wondered if there were any documents relating to them in the Parish records, or if they lie in the church grave yard. Regards Margaret

Name: Lucy Remmer
City: Dorking
Sent: Fri June 11 2004 08:17

I wonder if you would have any information on the Foundry that ceased to operate in the 1950's? I do believe that it was run by the Hedges Family? could you confirm this please

Name: Sara May
City: Brisbane, Australia
Sent: Fri April 16 2004 20:29

Much of my mothers family came from Bucklebury and the surrounding villages, the Wigmore and Beasley families to name a couple. It has been lovely to gain some idea of the beautiful places that my family originated from as we now live in Australia and so I am unable to visit. I enjoy very much researching my family history and it is lovely to be able to go past the names and gain a small insight into their lives. Thank you, Sara

Name: Jeffrey Howell
City: Sherfield-on-Loddon
Sent: Sun February 22 2004 03:29

I lived on Bucklebury Camp from 1947 - 51 when my father was de-mobbed and worked at Colthrop Mills. I went to Midgham and Bucklebury Schools between the ages of 5 and 9. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers this era or if anyone has stories and photos of that time. My address is 26 Poplar Close, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hook, Hants. RG27 0DX.

Sent: Thu October 09 2003 06:29

25 years ago I bought 2 miniature paintings, Elizabethan Era.On the back of one of the paintings is written in two lines (Prior - Bucklebury).Can anybody help please. Best regards Patricia Dugdale

Name: Stephanie Duke
City: Granger Twp, Medina County
Sent: Thu April 03 2003 10:31

Hello Friends-You have a lovely website and a beautiful churh. My great-great-grandmother, Prudence Soper (nee?), was born in Bucklebury in 1822. She married Daniel Soper about twenty years later and moved to Newbury with him. I am looking for her maiden name and hope that she married in St. Mary the Virgin Church, following the tradition of many young momen who married in their home parish. Is she listed in your registers? Do you have a search service?

Name: Rosemary Balfour
City: Melbourne Victoria
Sent: Mon March 31 2003 06:33

Many of my ancestors came from in or near Bucklebury. I had never heard of it up until a few years ago. It's great to find it on the web!

Name: Gary Fox
City: Wodonga, Victoria, Australia
Sent: Sun September 01 2002 09:56

I am researching my family history and I think my maternal grandmother came from Bucklebury, her name was Nancye AYLESBURY, she was born in 1895, her fathers name was William and her mothers maiden name was Hunt [Ellen].I was hoping someone would remember her, or know of her or her family Thank you , Gary Fox.

Name: Gary Bankston
City: Dayton Texas
Sent: Wed March 27 2002 22:28

My great grandmother was from Rothbury.Great grandfather from Burwell. nice site.

Name: Alan Barnett
City: Toronto, Canada
Sent: Fri December 28 2001 03:49

Interesting site. My grandmother was a Winchcombe, hence the connection.

Name: Mrs Barbara Wilkinson
Sent: Thu March 29 2001 19:09

My late father (Bernard Browning)was born at Hawkridge House Stables. Last year we had the pleasure of visiting Bucklebury as I am researching my family, so it has been very interesting browsing your web site and gaining additional information. My family settled in Coventry West Midlands so it has been interesting visiting the villages and churches where my ancestors lived. Thankyou

Name: Eleanor Brooks
Sent: Thu March 29 2001 19:08

What a great idea! I hope Beenham will be close on your heels.