MEMORIAL HALL: Upper Bucklebury

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Management Committee
Chairman: Mike Scholl
Secretary: Dennis Gower 01635 863809
For full details, booking procedure, charges, contacts etc. see the website

VICTORY ROOM: Bucklebury Village

Managing Trustees November 2010
Chairman: John Clarke 0118 971 2768
Treasurer: Julie Brims 0118 971 3308
Secretary: Lucy Umamba 0118 971 2176
Committee:, Tim Culley, Alastair McOran-Campbell, Jacquine Theunissen, John Brims, Richard Sadler, Lindy Clarke,
Bob Fisher, John Tibble, Barry Keene
LETTINGS & CHARGES: Please contact Lindy Clarke 0118 971 2768

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PROPOSALS are being discussed to update and possibly to replace the present 90 year old building with a slightly larger and modernised structure. The Trustees have instructed architects and have written a comprehensive report entitled "A Vision for the Future". This report and some of the architects drawings are now available to read or download on the Bucklebury Parish website - see Regional Links below. Contact details for enquiries and comments can be found by emailing to