The Parish Church of the Parish of Bucklebury with Marlston is the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Old Bucklebury Village. Also within the Parish is All Saints Church in Upper Bucklebury and St Mary's Church in the hamlet of Marlston. This is all one benefice.

In 2001 Bucklebury joined the Bradfield Deanery from Newbury and in 2006 the priest-in-charge at Bucklebury also became the priest -in- charge of the United Benefice of the parishes of Bradfield and of Stanford Dingley, all being part of the Bradfield Deanery in the Diocese of Oxford. The combined three parishes are distinct and not one benefice although this expected to occur in due course.

The Parish Church of Bradfield is St Andrew's, Bradfield and also within that Parish is St Peter's Church at Bradfield Southend. The Parish Church of Stanford Dingley is St Denys', Stanford Dingley.

The centre of administration for the three parishes is located at Upper Bucklebury (see below).

The Vicar during this period was the Rev Eddie Marquez: he left in March 2008 to take up a post at the Parish of Woodley, near Reading - and there ifollowed an 'inter-regnum' while a new Vicar was appointed. This occurred in February 2009 with the appointment of the Rev Julian Gadsby.

A fairly full history of the parish of St Mary's Bucklebury can also be found on the main show-case pages associated with this website at The Parish of Bucklebury website.

The Parish of Bucklebury with Marlston has its own website dedicated to detailed and day-to-day parish and church matters, and includes details of all clergy.

For details of personnel and church services and other activities for all 6 churches, click here for the Bradfield Parish website and go to 'Churches' .

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WHO'S WHO - in the six churches and three parishes:
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(The following details can also be found in the monthly Parish magazines for Bradfield and Bucklebury.)

Vicar: Revd Julian (Jules) Gadsby was appointed at the end of 2008 and was duly "licensed" at StAndrew's, Bradfield, on Thursday 17th February 2009 by the Bishop of Reading and took up his position in the combined parishes immediately therefater. The Rev.Gadsby will be the first Priest in Charge appopinted by and to all three Parishes, Bucklebury, Bradfield and Stanford Dingley, and six churches, since their amalgamation.
Vicarage address:
The Vicarage, Burden's Heath
Upper Bucklebury RG7 6SX
01635 866731

Parish Administrator:
Mrs Debbie Kent, Hazelbank, Turners Green, Upper Bucklebury
Tel: 01635 860220 (9.30 - 12 noon Mon - Fri )

Associate Clergy:
Revd Lyn Bliss: 01635 862281 Revd David Chattell: 0118 974 4333 Revd Rosemary Green: 0118 974 4476 Revd Raymond Obin: 01635 38212

Licensed Lay Ministers:
Mrs Ruth Chattell: 0118 971 4333
Dr Mike Kerry: 01635 866690
Dr David Sammon: 01635 865198
Licensed Preachers: Mr Alec Hitchcock; 01635 45071

Bucklebury Churchwardens (responsible for all 3 churches in the Parish):
Dr David Sammon, 27 Berry's Road, Upper Bucklebury, RG7 6QL
Tel: 01635 865198
Mr John Tennant,(St Mary's) - Broad Oak, Hatch Lane, Upper Woolhampton. RG7 5TP
Tel: 0118 971 3393
Deputy Wardens (responsible to Churchwardens):
Mr Jerry Kent (All Saints) - Hazelbank, Turners Green, Upper Bucklebury. Tel: 01635 869396
Mr Nick Park (Marlston) - Brockhurst School, Marlston House, Marlston. Tel: 01635 200293

Dr David Sammon, 27 Berry's Road, Upper Bucklebury
Tel: 01635 865198
PCC Secretary:
Mr Geoff Tily, 18 Broad Lane, Upper Bucklebury
Tel: 01635 861631
Stewardship Secretary:
Mr David Cox, Roebuck, Hermitage
Tel: 01635 200495

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All magazine contributions, by 7th of the month, to:
Tara Duffy, No2 Riverside Cottages, Bucklebury, RG7 6PS