This page will give details of Bucklebury C of E Primary School and some further information about schools in neighbouring parishes, e.g Cold Ash Primary, Bradfield C of E, Hermitage, Kennet Comprehensive in Thatcham, etc and includes Links to some private schools e.g. Downe House, Bradfield College, & Pangbourne College etc.



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Full Title: Bucklebury Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School
Address: Blacklands Road, Upper Bucklebury, West Berkshire, RG7 6QP
Tel: 01635-862965 Fax: 01635-867425
Head Teacher: Mrs Marilyn A Cornwell
Senior Teacher: Mrs Sue Cantwell
Chairman of Governors: Mr Brian Norris, Brynmill, LongGrove, Upper Bucklebury RG7 6QS. Tel: 01635-871959
Pupil Numbers & Ages: 120 pupils (1999) Ages 5-11 Intake approx 18 p an.
Comparative Standards:

(i) last OFSTED Report May 1997 (see separately).

(ii) Dept of Education League Tables of Test Results (December 1999)

Level 4 aggregate results (English, Maths, Science) (10-11yr olds)

Scores: 1999 276 (1998 267) Average for West Berkshire 234.3 (range 300 - 139)

(max score 300) Ranked 8th out of 48 W Berks schools.

[The following are extracts from the Scul>
  • The School is set in extensive grounds in the village of Upper Bucklebury in the heart of the Berkshire countryside.
  • The classrooms surround a central library; and there is a well equipped P.E. hall, dining room and central facilities.
  • Parents, members of the community and the Church are all welcomed into the School and are actively involved in various aspects of school life. This compliments the enthusiasm of our dedicated professional teaching staff.
  • All these combine to make Bucklebury a thriving and friendly Primary School, well equipped to meet the demands of the National Curriculum and to prepare the children for their future.

Our infant staff maintain regular contact with our Village Playgroup, Pre-school and local Nurseries. We encourage reciprocal visits whenever possible.

AIMS OF THE SCHOOL include the following:
  • to prepare children for their adult lives and to develop a sense of self-respect
  • to help them live as independent, self-motivating adults, contributing fully in society
  • to help pupils acquire lively, enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning
  • to enable children to use their knowledge responsibly
  • to develop the ability to question and argue rationally
  • to help the confident use of language and numbers and to foster practical skills
  • to encourage exercise and sports and promote a sense of fair play and a healthy lifestyle
  • to help children work as individuals as well as to co-operate in groups
  • to develop an understanding of spiritual and moral values and an awareness of differing ways of life
  • to recognize talents in other people and celebrate achievement
SUMMARY: At Bucklebury we provide a happy caring atmosphere in which the children can develop their full potential. We offer an education based on Christian principles, fostering respect for individuals and their differences and responsibility for ourselves and our surroundings. Within this framework we hope to ensure each child's best academic achievement, physical development and social growth.

Other matters covered in the School Prospectus - a copy of which may be obtained directly from the School - include the following:
  • Admissions Policy
  • Charging and Remissions Policy
  • Discipline & Behaviour
  • School meals
  • Transport
  • Uniforms
  • Curriculum & Classroom Organisation
  • National Curriculum Assessment
  • Home work
  • Extra Curricular activities
  • Parent Teacher Association